Query guidelines

Who should query?

These professional attributes are prerequisites:

  • Demonstrated proficiency at online networking, research, and marketing
  • Awareness of the current economic picture for book publishers
  • Ability to adapt to rapid technological innovation
  • Writing credits in print or digital journals or magazines
  • An established online presence
  • Ideas that bring people together and help them understand each other

What categories will the agency handle?

  • Prescriptive nonfiction
  • Long-form narrative journalism
  • Neuroscience, psychology, sociology
  • Literary and upmarket commercial fiction
  • Young adult (not middle grade or children’s) fiction

What should the query include?

  • The first 1,250 words (five pages) of your unpublished manuscript
  • A brief email message, including:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone numbers
    • Email address
    • Summary of your book
    • Word or page count
    • Explanation of your platform, credentials, and expertise
    • Significant writing credits
    • Website or blog URL

How should the query be sent?

Email your query to mail@robinmizell.com. You should receive a response to your email query within 30 days. After 30 days, it’s appropriate to send a follow-up email.

Please don’t telephone the agency with questions about your query or how to get published.

Don’t submit your query via social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn. Following the guidelines provided here shows professionalism and creates a much more favorable impression.


Don’t sign your query with a pseudonym. It’s impossible to contemplate entering into a contract with a writer whose true identity is unknown.

If you have trouble briefly summarizing your book, consider referring to Lucy V. Hay’s blogpost or Blake Snyder’s handbook Save the Cat! for clear concepts and concise instructions.

Do not submit your entire manuscript until it’s requested. However, before you query, please ensure that your work is completed, proofread, properly formatted, and ready to forward.

Read the following information first, if you’re looking for an agent to represent: