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The German Lottery

Orphaned and injured during WWII, young Toni has been given a job as a postman in a country with a totalitarian regime, where every word can be fatal and everyone is spying on everyone. Determined to carry out his postal duties honorably, he nevertheless is seduced by a manipulative married woman and becomes involved with triple-crossing swindlers…

Miha Mazzini's The German Lottery (CB, 2012)


An ambitious young writer in a dismal factory town in a disintegrating Yugoslavia tries to stay one step ahead of hopelessness and corruption by relying on charisma and status symbols. He manages the illusion with varying degrees of success—mostly at romance, in the flesh and on the pages of his pseudonymous erotic fiction. The publisher calls it "utterly unique commentary on the pathology of self-determination."

Miha Mazzini's Crumbs (Freight, 2014)

I Thought I Knew How to Google


I Thought I Knew How to Google: 50 Tricks for Refining Your Search (HarperCollins India, 2012) is usability expert Miha Mazzini's illustrated guide to more efficient web searches, designed for the novice or experienced computer user.

The Fourth Passenger

Four women raised with traditional values form a business partnership that gives them emotional solace, self-sufficiency, and the temerity to stand up to religious extremism. Mini Nair's novel The Fourth Passenger (ROMAN, 2011/2012) shows the effects of Hindu-Muslim conflict in Mumbai.

A "Booksellers' Choice"   —The Bookseller

"…an inspirational story and a terrific read."
—Publishers Weekly

The Fourth Passenger

Mini Nair's The Fourth Passenger (Momentum, 2012) is also available as an ebook.

"The train seats were designed for three passengers to sit comfortably. But, at times—most of the time—the three crammed and adjusted to make place for a grateful fourth passenger, precariously balancing herself on the edge."